Gazzetta’s Home

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Milan, Italy


Since its early issues on 1896, when its pages were still in light green, Gazzetta, one of the most famous Italian sports newspaper, had moved from one location to another in Milan. Today, Gazzetta has new headquarters, in the northern outskirts of the city: “Casa Gazzetta (Gazzetta’s Home)”, an innovative and dynamic office, designed by Progetto CMR team.
The new office provides the ideal space for an ongoing dialogue between the journalist and the reader, the newspaper and the web dimension. The layout has been conceived to meet the needs of the editorial staff: the main newsroom is placed in the center of a big open space area, allowing for a more efficient and faster flow of communication and news between it and the other news departments. The spaces are flexible and are able to adapt to potential future changes in the function organization. Interiors have been made with recyclable materials and walls and floors have been personalized to recall the sports followed by the different departments.
As far as the office layout is concerned, we have carried out an extensive research on some of the most important newsrooms in the world, like the BBC in England – says Antonella Mantica (Progetto CMR Partner) – while we compared two similar projects we did in Italy recently: the “Il Giorno” and “La Stampa” newspapers offices. According to Massimo Roj (Progetto CMR CEO): “ Gazzetta has always been my favorite newspaper: it’s been exciting to have the opportunity to work on this project, trying to convey the values of competitiveness and information culture in a dynamic and integrated environment. The new “Gazzetta’s Home” is innovative and efficient, it’s the newsroom of the future!”