Inter-Chamber European SMEs WG officially launched in Beijing

According to the figures released by the European Commission, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) count for the 99.7% of all businesses in Europe. As a direct consequence of this, a vast portion of European companies willing to enter or already established in the Chinese market belongs to this group. Given the relevance of this business community and of their operations in China, the EU SME Centre and the European Chamber of Commerce in China launched the first Inter-Chamber SME Working Group on March 24th in Beijing, with the aim of creating a common platform where SMEs representatives can share their experiences and expertise and raise their issues to relevant Chinese and European official bodies. Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Director and Partner of Progetto CMR, was invited to share his experience in terms of common challenges faced in the design sector as SME.
After the opening remarks by the Director of the EU SME Centre, Ms Joanna Drake, Director for SMEs and Entrepreneurship of the European Commission, took the stage, to show in details the policies and activities the EC has been implementing to support and promote the SMEs in Europe and in China, followed by Mr Xavier Sans Powell, Senior Policy & Advocacy Manager at the EUCCC, who briefly introduced the main features if the Inter-Chamber SME WG. Then, Mr Bagnasco offered a concrete case study, sharing his experience as Managing Director of Progetto CMR, of problems and issues SMEs have to face in China. From the speech, some areas emerged as problems commonly faced by a large number of SMEs, regardless of their respective business sector, and in particular those related to the access to market, competition and financing.