Forum on the Healthy Growth of China’s New Towns and New Districts

On January 19th, the China National Convention Centre in Beijing hosted the Forum on the Healthy Growth of China’s new Towns and Zones, organized by the CCUD (China Center for Urban Development) and the Investment Association of China .
The Forum addressed the actual trend of new emerging cities and towns in China, their development model and the challenges this process has been posing. After keynote speeches delivered by Mr Shan Dawei, General Manager of China Real Estate Business, Mr Florian Schmied, Chairman of the Construction Working Group of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Mr Li Tie, CCUD Director, and Mr Zhang Hanya, President of the Investment Association of China, the stage was left to the first panel discussion of the Forum, focused on the transformation trend of new cities and on the PPP (Private-Public Partnership) model. Mr Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Partner of Progetto CMR and Member of the Executive Committee of the European Chamber, was invited to share his opinion on the topic, highlighting also some peculiarities of the urban growth model of European cities that could serve as case studies for Chinese cities. However, as stated many times during the discussion, it is crucial that all the stakeholders involved in the Chinese urbanization process understand that each city and each town has its own history and its own characteristics, that must be taken into consideration to avoid a potentially unsuccessful repetition of urban patterns developed in other areas.
Quality instead of quantity: this should be the “golden rule” to achieve a really sustainable urbanization and to guarantee a healthy return on the investment, for all the actors.