Administrative Building

Tianjin University
Tianjin, China
25,000 sqm built
2014 in progress

* with the cooperation of the Italian interior designer Emanuela Zanantoni

The building will host both staff and management offices and service facilities for students and teachers, distributed on totally four floors. The interior design of the building, echoes the strong tradition and history of the Tianjin University, while giving the environment a modern and contemporary twist at the same time. This is particularly visible in the entrance lobby, where traditional materials like bricks are mixed with full height glasses and white marble stone, in an alternation of light and shades that creates a gradual transition from the outside to the inside of the building. A more modern feeling is also conveyed in the operative staff offices and service facilities located in the first floor, making the user feel at ease in these environments.
The fourth floor hosts the management offices, VIP rooms and a big conference room.