Xiantao Big Data Valley Phase II

Xiantao BigData Valley Corp

Chongqin, China
150,000 sqm Area; 256,300 sqm Built Area


Xiantao Big Data Valley, also known as the first big data ecological valley in China, is located in Chongqing, the economic engine of Southwest China. The valley aims to build a top-notch industrial high-land for Chinese big data cluster, catering the need of the next generation IT industry.

The project will stimulate the development of Big Data Industry and cross boarder E-commerce, leading them towards intensive development model. It will also become a leading platform for foreign big data companies to enter and compete in Chinese market, and a place to foster technological innovation. The total built area of Xiantao Big Data Valley Phase 2 will be over 350,000 square meters, integrating mixed functions, from offices, production, retail, to education and living facilities, to ensure the self-sufficiency of the site, and provide advanced infrastructure and high-tech communication services.

Offices and residential areas of Phase 2 are allocated and developed to suit the special requirements of the Big Data industry, as well as the six related fields – Finance, Health, Education, Design, E-Commerce and Urban Management.

In the Office Loft Studio area, all the individual office buildings are closely connected as a whole by their spatial relationship. Each building can be used either as a corporate headquarter or business exclusive single / multi-layer office space. The architectural elevation highlights vertical lines. Like the dancing melody, all the ups and downs build many a different refraction surfaces. The well-organized combination displays logical and rational characteristics.

The core industry building is the landmark of this project. It is made up of three enclosed buildings, which respectively represent the three core pillars of big data – storage, sensing and data mining. The elevations of the three buildings are made of vertical lines with strong rhythms. The smooth glass facing each other looks like water running. Together with the elevation line, the glass creates the comparison between the virtual and the reality. The three buildings enclose in the middle a space that is like a trophy cup, which is also named “Holy Grail” by local government.

The SOHO apartments are the part of Xiantao Big Data Phase 2 project to be developed. On one hand, they could provide dwelling space for the staff of the industry park; on the other, they could also be used both for dwelling and staring a business. The six buildings, like a sculptured group, display more graceful and gentle characteristics compared with other buildings. While the adjacent core industrial buildings are of masculine and stronger features, the coexistence of masculine and feminine features echoes the harmonious balance of work and life.

The international school is seated beside the SOHO apartments. It includes a teaching building with 4 stories and some sports facilities, which provide more educational support to the families of the staff. The building is like a sailing ship that represents the bright future of big data industry.

The hotel design marks a contrast with the rest, being inspired by Zen philosophy: the aim is to offer visitors a place that is tranquil and peaceful, a modern shelter from the busy life that runs outside. The peculiar shape of the low-rise building, similar to a wave that flows like a lively stream, perfectly recalls this feeling.