“One Martini” project got the “CasaClima Award”

On September 5th, the Italian city of Bolzano hosted the “CasaClima Awards”, the ceremony that gathers together the most important sustainable projects certified by CasaClima, a public agency that operates as a certification body for the energy efficiency of the construction sector. 

Progetto CMR got the “Golden Cube Award”  for the “One Martini” building project, headquarters of Martini&Rossi. The project, for which Progetto CMR developed the concept of the façade, was considered as “an example of architectural contrast and integration, where energy efficiency acts as a bridge between past and present”.  

“Progetto CMR had a double goal when designing this project – as Arch. Maurizio Melchiori, project leader and project manager, stated. The style of the production site dates back to the beginning of the XX century. The new building had to stand out from the rest, and to represent in the best way the corporate image. Hence, the choice to use as striking features the logo and the “Red Martini” color. Moreover, it was important to create a pleasant and nice environment for the employees: the façade can either let the sunshine in or screen the whole building in specific hours of the day. The result is that the light in the building seems apparently controlled by nature”.

The façade designed by Progetto CMR assures the sustainability of the building, because of the limited use of resources both during the construction and the post-occupancy phase.

“We are very happy and proud of this award – as Arch. Massimo Roj, CEO of Progetto CMr, put it. It gives us the reason and motivation to keep on implementing a sustainable human – scale design”.