Massimo Bagnasco at the China Europe Forum in Shenyang

From September 16th to 18th, the city of Shenyang hosted the sixth edition of the “China Europe Forum”, a comprehensive business convention on urban development and on its prospective, organized by Le Havre Developpment, UbiFrance and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China. This year, under the main theme of “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Energy and Urban Development”, the Forum offered a platform of exchanges of ideas to European and Chinese professionals of the sector, from architects to renewable energy experts to city planners, on a topic that has been gaining increasing relevance in the Chinese political agenda, sustainable urban development.

Mr Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Director of Progetto CMR, was invited to deliver a speech at the “Eco Urban Parks” Workshop on “Research& Development Parks”. During his speech, he stressed how important it is for a country in a great development stage as China to invest on and foster innovation, to let the country finally step from a mere producer of goods (“Made in China”) to a producer of ideas (“Developed in China”). R&D parks may play an interesting role in this process, being them incubators of ideas and technologies that can actually contribute to the further advancement of the community. He then introduced to the audience an ideal model for a R&D park, that combines different functions to better serve the ultimate purpose of inspiring innovation and change.