Arch. Massimo Bagnasco presents the Italy-China Urbanization Cooperation Package at the Italian Real Estate Exhibition in Milan

What is the current stage of urban development in China and to what extent can it become an opportunity for Italian companies? This and other questions were tackled at two workshops organized by the Italy-China Foundation in Milan on June 26th and 27th, “Sustainable Urbanization” and “Opportunities for Italian Companies in Chongqing”. Arch. Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Director of Progetto CMR and on behalf of the Italian Embassy in China, presented the Italy-China Urbanization Cooperation Package, was invited to share his views and experience with the audience.

The first workshop, hosted by EIRE – the biggest Italian Real Estate exhibition annually held in Milan –  was the occasion for Mr Bagnasco to present the details of the cooperation package between Italy and China on the urbanization sector to a selected audience of Italian key players. He underlined how, after years of unprecedented development, China is now entering a new, more balanced phase, led by the willing of the central institutions to achieve a more sustainable growth, as the recently published “National New Type Urbanization Plan (2014-2020)” points out. The focus has now been shifted from quantity to quality, and this is one of the key points Mr Bagnasco stressed in his speech, showing how Italian companies, thanks to their strong expertise and sound technical skills, are able to meet the new demands of the Chinese society. 

The second workshop, held at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies in Milan, was more specifically focused on the current situation of Chongqing Municipality, on its booming economy and on the great benefits this market can indeed bring to Italian players in several different fields.