Beyond the EU-China Urbanization Partnership

June 18th 2012, “Beyond the EU-China Urbanization Partnership: How Foreign and Local Industries Can Synergically Implement It.”Conference has been successfully organized by Progetto CMR in Beijing Italian Embassy The welcome speeches were given by Davide Giglio, First Counselor of the Italian Embassy in Beijing, Li Tie, Director General of China Center for Urban Development, and Laurent Javaudin, First Secretary of the European Union Delegation. the moderator of the round table is Massimo Bagnasco, Chairman of the EUCCC Construction Working Group. The round table saw the participation of leaders of main relevant stakeholders: urban planners, architects, investors, developers and suppliers including Massimo Roj, Global CEO of Progetto CMR; Rao Rong, Director of the School of Architecture in the Tsinghua University; Hao Jiebin, CEO of Vantone Citylogic, ; Florian Schmied, Managing Director of Euro Sino Invest; Roberto Ferraro, General Manager of Giacomini.